Leverage Internet Power to Boost Your Business

The amazing growth of digital technology makes it hard to ignore. And, considering the amount of internet users – 2,484,915,152 to be exact, which is around 35% of the world’s total population – you should leverage web power.

So, how exactly can your business do that?

1. Advertise

Internet marketing through a website involves a lot of tools and methods, but the main goal is promote your products and/or services through interactive ways. And by ‘interactive’, it means visitors can post their comment or enquiries right away.

One of the greatest advantage about online advertising these days is the variety of creative strategies, thanks to innovative digital solutions. Print adverts already have web versions, such as brochures and magazines, allowing you to go paperless. Consumers can simply download or subscribe to obtain latest updates from your company.

2. Entertain

If you want to earn the favour of users, don’t just give them non-stop business info. Allow them to have fun as well, and you can make this possible through various means. For one, you can post games or cartoon comics on your website. You can also provide video clips and images as eye-candy. And if you want to increase their interest, organise competitions or treasure hunts and then, offer rewards to the winners.

3. Communicate

The endless possibilities of online communication are simply fascinating, and knowing which benefits you most is a matter of identifying your needs. Are you a home-based entrepreneur? If that’s the case, check out the best and most cost-effective internet broadband plans. These bundles are designed to suit a home user, such as you, who need to make several phone calls but is looking for affordable deals. If you don’t need to call constantly but you want a lot of data, consider mobile broadband plans instead. If you have an office with several departments and overseas clients, your best option is video conferencing to lessen expenses incurred from business trips.

Whether you’re the former or the latter, take advantage of other communication means. Email and instant messages, for instance, are common correspondence in your establishment. Newsletters, on the other hand, help you provide updates to customers.

4. Inform

Bringing consumers, suppliers, vendors, employees and the public up-to-date about your company is easy when done online. And you can use most of the tools mentioned above. However, social media is the best method of telling everyone the latest – from an upcoming event to a new product release. What’s great about informing through social media pages is that the people directly involved can give feedback or comments, allowing you to know what they think about the information shared.

As an entrepreneur, you should be aware of the virtually endless opportunities available online. It’s up to you to determine which platform and method gives the best leverage. While identifying this, don’t forget that you can’t make the most out of internet power without support, which comes in several forms – internet broadband plans, web specialists (e.g. developers and designers, hosting companies, SEO specialists, etc.), and consultants.

If you’re looking for people who can give you bespoke business insight and executive coaching, we are ready to help here at Green Lettuce. We try to understand you and your organisation deeply to deliver the best results.