Five Trends to Guide You in Keeping Your Company Competitive and Current

It’s a whole new year. Like others out there, you’re company is probably cooking up a strategy to ensure continued commercial success in 2014. Senior management may have approved initiatives to streamline processes or released funds to purchase new equipment. You may even be bringing in an expert business consultant to improve your social media marketing campaign.

Whatever the game plan might be, it’s best to review the resources available before implementing it. Apart from sales projections and consumer survey data, business trends should also be examined. Familiarisation of these emerging tools, concepts and techniques allows your organisation to be better prepared for the months ahead.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the essential ones to watch out for.

The Y ear of the Entrepreneur

Technology available these days is the greatest weapon of start-ups. It’s now possible for young and enterprising individuals to start businesses at a fraction of what it used to cost in the past. Many of the specific aspects that made forming and running companies so much work in the past (e.g. accounting software and website development) are now easily available to the small players. This gives them the same capabilities as large corporations at an affordable price.

Do you want concrete examples of easy-to-access business tools and services? Check out the links below:

More Focus on Learning than the Degree

A couple of years ago, having a college diploma was a gateway to numerous job opportunities. Now, employers are looking for more than what ’ s on paper . A degree means you completed the prescribed coursework on time. But how much did you really learn? Companies are more likely to conduct exams in order to gauge an applicant’s mastery on a particular subject matter. The scores on these assessments will be an important criterion in filtering job candidates.

Agility Will Become the Key Skill for Leaders

Executive recruiters use a large set of criteria to identify potential candidates. This includes leadership ability, operational skills, and worldwide experience. The most important one by far is learning agility.

The specific characteristics of someone possessing this are:

  • Confident enough to admit that his knowledge is limited
  • Being genuinely curious
  • Asking deep questions
  • Ability to act quickly on new learnings

Working O ut of the Main Office Will Be a Norm

More and more companies are claiming their stake in the international market. Globalisation initiatives will have employees travelling abroad to visit foreign counterparts or work from the client site. This phenomenon will foster a greater need for dynamic and well-equipped locations where people can still do their jobs effectively, even if they’re miles away from the company site. Serviced office specialists like Easy Offices will have a more diverse clientele to deal with.

Increased Attention to Privacy

Last year, leaks and intrusions on private social media accounts were aplenty. This created considerable panic among consumers. Crank up the encryption on your website and invest in more privacy attentive-apps.

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