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What a colour can do for you?

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The psychology of colour is one of the more complex subjects in website design. It is important to make sure the colours you’ve selected reinforce your message and the image of your personal identlty or brand.

What do the colours mean?

  • Red – Fiery and passionate, can represent both love and anger
  • Orange – Shares attributes of both red and yellow. Associated with energy and warmth. It’s calmer than red and more cheerful
  • Yellow – A warm, happy colour. It can represent either joy
  • Green – Signifies nature, growth, entreprenurship and renewal. Along the same lines, green can sometimes represent inexperience
  • Blue – Calming and cool, but too much can be depressing. Often associated with corporate images
  • Purple/Violet – Long associated with royalty and wealth. It’s also a spiritual colour, and is thought to be creative
  • Black – A bit of a chameleon, it can be conservative or edgy, traditional or modern. It can be mysterious and sexy or conventional and safe, depending on how it’s used
  • White – Associated with purity and innocence. It goes well with any other colour
  • Gray – Neutral and balanced. Gray is conservative and sophisticated, but can be seen as moody, too
  • Brown – A wholesome and down-to-earth colour that denotes stability and reliability